About Us

About our designs and products :
Hand made Crochet  Fashion and  Accessories   created with love,  great care and attention to detail ! The Idea behind our designs is to connect traditional   hand work with contemporary styles and connect old and new together with some uniqueness to express an individual style in every Creation.
 Our motivation is : Do what you love , love what you do !
 All of our collections are designed  by European  Designer and beautifully hand crafted with high quality yarns and threads in USA.

New designs are added frequently and  by  visiting our site  from time to time you  can  check them out and find something  just for you.

Every creation is unique and one of a kind. Every collection is limited edition and can be found only here. Orders can be customized or the pre-made items can be purchased.

We are always glad to help with sizing enquirers or any other doubt you have about our styles. Feel free to contact us and tell us about your ideas and what kind of tailored piece is suited to your style.

Our email address is :   info@janevadesigns.com

Visit our Etsy Shop for more unique and one of a kind crochet clothes and accessories by following the link :  https://www.etsy.com/shop/Janevadesigns#shop-title

As all work is done by hand each product may slightly differ.